Gearingo Customer in the US

Frank, couldn't find where I could post a review so please feel free to add this one to your reviews on the homepage. I'm anything but mechanically inclined so when I read that installation time is around 10 minutes, I figured it would take me at least 60.  Plug-and-play just seemed too easy.  Well, it took this Neanderthal more than 10 minutes - but not much more! - and it works like a charm!  I'm sure I speak for many riders who don't have a shift indicator that while riding in 5th or 6th gear, I pull the clutch in looking for that extra gear only to find I'm in the proper gear.  A quick glance and the Gearingo shift indicator lets me know what gear I'm in.  A great invention at a very good price.  Thank-you Gearingo!  Joe, Western NC

Gearingo Customer In the UK

Had a really good first blast on the Triumph LT.

We headed out to Our local Kent Honda Dealer, had a Sunday English fry up in H’s cafe then headed towards Deal & Warmer Castle on the coast. We then followed the coast road north to Sandwich before heading into Canterbury and home. About 100ish miles in total.
The route was country lanes, motorways, town roads so there was plenty of gear changes, some quick and some slow. I found the Gearingo to be very positive & quick to indicate which gear i had changed up or down to.

It is so easy now approaching a roundabout and going down the gearbox until 2nd and then knowing that I'm correct gear for it. While at traffic lights it was easy to flick into “0” which is neutral. I found while installing the unit the numbers the wrong way for under the handlebars, so I followed your instructions in your booklet for this problem and hey presto when switching on next time they were correct way round.

I hope this unit continues to work as it is at the moment as it is a God send to be able to tell quickly which gear the bikes in !!

Thank you and very satisfied with the Gearingo unit.

Greame Clark, UK


Gearingo Customer in the US

I managed a 40 mile ride today in various road conditions from in town and traffic to the open road.

I can honestly say I love the Gearingo. I found it much nicer to know what gear I was in and also found the confirmation of neutral much closer to eye level a big improvement when coming to a stop or waiting in traffic.
I also found at the other end of the range that being able to know I was in 1st gear was also useful, 1st is quite high, which isn't an issue because of the engines power, other than sometimes I think there should be a lower gear and try to find it or wonder if I'm in 1st because the bike is still moving quite fast in 1st at idle.

A definite improvement overall to refinement of the Thunderbird.

Redhawk, Utah USA


Gearingo Customer in the US

The installation was soooo simple, especially on the hinged gas tank the T-Birds have... After clamping & running the wire... put shifter in neutral, key off, kill switch on & just plug it in & you're done. The single LED indicator hardly stands out on the bars & it works right away with no set-up.

It's my bike, the indicator works great, I like it, that's all that matters.

Frank J


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