Gearingo Gear Indicator Description and Specifications

Gear Indicator Features

  1. Simple plug and play installation plugs into the existing diagnostic connector.
  2. Instantaneous display of the gears and neutral position.
  3. Displays the correct gear even when stopped.
  4. No setup required, works out of the box. Simple options mode if needed. 
  5. Clamps either below or above the handlebar
  6. Large bright red LED with enclosure designed to insure that its visible even in bright sun.
  7. Displays the battery voltage and low voltage warning.
  8. Displays the coolant temperature.
  9. Water resistant aluminum housing.
  10. 48 inch cable with matching cable for the diagnostic connector for plug and play install.

Description of Gearingo Gear Indicator

An electro-mechanical device in your bike's crankcase senses the position of the gear shifter and sends the information to the ECM. The Gearingo obtains the gear information from the motorcycle's electronic control module (ECM) and displays it on a bright red LED display.

Many other indicators, like the GIPRO, use the tachometer and speedometer signals to estimate the gear, and may require constant tinkering to make them work, even under optimal conditions. These other indicators do not work when skipping gears, coasting, or stopped.

The Gearingo digital gear indicator always displays the correct gear without any delay because the gear information comes from a sensor.

 Click here for the User's Manual

Above and Below the Handlebar Gear Indicator Mounting

The gear indicator can mount hanging below the handlebar, or sitting above it, as shown in the pictures below. The above bar mounting is typically used with the Triumph Commander and LT, and the under bar mounting for other models. The mounting mode can be flipped using a simple setup procedure.

Motorcycle Compatibility Includes the Following Bikes

  • Triumph Thunderbird Storm, Starting 2010
  • Triumph Thunderbird LT, Starting 2010
  • Triumph Thunderbird Commander, Starting 2010
  • Triumph Rocket 3, Starting 2010 (may work on older bikes).
  • Speed Triple R Engine # 735337 and up
  • Speed Triple S engine # 735438 and up
  • Tiger 800
  • Tiger Sport

Works on modern Triumphs with a diagnostic connector and a gear position sensor.
If you are uncertain, please contact us before placing an order.

Triumph Diagnostic Connector Location

Diagnostic connector location

The gear indicator plugs into the diagnostic connector on your bike that is located either under the seat (or Commander, LT before 2018, and Rocket III's, or under the left hand side panel for the Storm,1600/1700,  and LT's since 2018.

If your bike is older then a 2012 please confirm that the two contacts shown in the picture above exist on the connector. These are the two pins used to connect with the bike electronic control module (ECM), and on some older bikes, Triumph did not provide these consistently through the model year.


Gear Sensing Motorcycle gear position sensor, communication with motorcycle ECM to receive information.
Housing Machined aluminum with black powder paint
Display Single digit .4 inch super-bright LED with red polycarbonate lens
Handlebar diameter 1 inch or 1.25 inch
Mounting method Two piece housing with handlebar clamp
Mounting screws Two 8-32 flat head screws with 3/32 hex head
Cable connection 49 inch automotive grade cable with mating to16 pin diagnostic connector
Input voltage 8-18 VDC
Operating current 20 mA
Display off sleep current <3 mA
Operating Temperature -10 to +120 deg F.
Power switching Automatic with motorcycle ignition key
Coolant Temperature Obtained from ECM
Low voltage warning level 11.3V
Battery voltage display accuracy ±0.1V

Gear Indicator Package Includes

  • Gearingo gear indicator with cable and connector
  • Hex key to tighten screws
  • Nylon tie wraps
  • User Manual