We are currently sold-out due to the global automotive grade chip shortage. We hope to have stock for next year's riding season.

Fastest and Most Accurate Gear Display

The Gearingo digital gear indicator is always correct. The indicator displays the gear without any delay, including when you're stopped, skipping gears, and with the clutch in or out. The Gearingo communicates to Triumph's electronic computer module to display the gear information from the gear position sensor located in the crankcase.

Battery Voltage Display

Do you worry about your motorcycle battery, wondering if it's time to put it on a battery tender? Every time you turn the ignition key the Gearingo will display your motorcycle battery voltage, and it also warns of a low voltage condition.

Coolant Temperature Display

The Gearingo can display the coolant temperature. This was a much requested feature by customers in hot climates. It's a breeze to monitor you bike's temperature on a hot summer day with the Gearingo.

Simple Gear Indicator Installation

Clamp the gear indicator to the handlebar with two screws, route the cable to the diagnostic connector under the side panel or the seat, plug it in and you're done! The Gearingo does not require any setup, programming, or test runs.

This Is The Only Place To Buy The Gearingo

The Gearingo is manufactured in Canada. It is not available on Amazon, eBay, or any distributor. Buy your Gearingo by clicking the Shop Now menu.