I'm Too Marlon Brando for a Gear Indicator

I read a comment on one of the forums where the poster explained that he doesn't need a gear indicator because he has been riding for 35 (or whatever number) of years, and that they are so experienced that they just listen to the engine speed, and that gear indicators are for new riders -- they ride "old school".

There is a lot of irony in this statement: Triumph motorcycles have ABS, an electronic control module, emissions controls, and a dozen various sensors and controls. 

Most bikes today include gear indicators (many Japanese bikes have always had them), but the real irony is that Triumph has already added everything that it would need to include a gear indicator as a standard feature, on the Storm/LT/Command/Rockets -- including the wiring right to the instrument panel.

I would guess that the real reason that Triumph did not include the gear indicator on the instrument panel is to market to the Marlon Brando type egos. It seems a bit like paying more for a smaller soft sized soft drink.

The gear indicator will make riding your 800 pound bike easier, safer, and more relaxed.

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